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Joe Mucka began his work in the field of anger in 1997. Inspired by his own experiences with the lack of self-respect in the form of anger blow-ups of his own. Mucka sought out, then began working with Mitchell H Messer MA.LPC. Founder and Directer of the then Anger Clinic in downtown Chicago. Messer was known as the Leading Expert on Anger in the Country!

Joe continued to mentor with Messer for more then ten years. Messer taught "Adlierian Personality Theory" plus his own findings on Anger and Self-Respect or the lack thereof, to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Teachers, and other professionals; including Joe Mucka! Because of Joe's studies Mucka qualified for Certifications in areas of Coaching.

Along with Personal Coaching Joe is also Certified in Ethics training, The Psychology of motivation, Business Coaching Certified as well as Corporate Training Coaching Certifications. Joe also has qualifications to become a Unity Minister.

Mucka's clients include Entertainment Professionals, Police Officers, and other Police Professionals, Lawyers, Doctors, other business professionals. Moms & Dads, their children; single Moms & Dads, their children; the less fortunate, Parolees; Probationers; the Homeless, at Shelters.

Joe gives his Time & Energy whenever he can. "It's the way I keep successful", Joe says. "Greed or withholding from others that are in emotional need AND down on their luck is not a time to be withholding that which offers them encouragement from their depression. It eats my energy from the inside when I withhold. Sometime causes Burnout and robs me of the lift I feel when I help someone! That is what I would be looking for if I decided to withhold to rest.......... A lift! But I get it when I go the extra mile to help someone....Aha the mysteries of life"

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