The Anger Clinic of the North Shore brings you a new way of treating anger. No longer is anger a secondary emotion and no longer to be punished or stuffed, hidden away until it shows up on the x-rays in the form of an ulcer or some such other physical ailment IE: back pain lower, upper. In the blood test; cancer cells are now shown to be affected by misdirected ANGER. Mental illness; anxiety, depression, paranoia. We offer private, one-on-one coaching sessions; classes; workshops. to help you work through varying causes and effects of anger.


Working one-on-one with you, The Anger Clinic of the North Shore will walk you through the process of taking control of your attitudes(a predisposition to behave in a certain way). Through regular 50 minute coaching sessions, you will start to understand what and who or whom you are truly angry at and what's causing you to overreact with super anger(being angrier than you need to be). The negative behavior producing attitudes, will start almost immediately, to be replaced by more positive producing behavior attitudes that make sense. Replacing that drive to succeed,(which usually ends up driving a person into a brick wall or; an early grave)with a freedom to succeed which is qualitatively better. Beginning to unlock your potential.


Anger Safety for Men

You will learn to:

Anger Safety for Officers

Workshops for You

The Anger Clinic of the North Shore can design an anger workshop/class or one-on-one specifically for your needs. Joe will be available for follow-up for up to 12 months as part of certain workshops.(After the workshop concludes)

Workshops include:

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