From an unnamed professional in the entertainment business:

Working with The Anger Clinic of the North Shore on draining legacy anger issues, developing practical coping strategies for everyday anger situations, and generally understanding the concept of self-worth and self-respect was just the tip of the iceberg. Joseph Mucka and The Anger Clinic of the North Shore saved my life.

By deconstructing the nature of anger - not just what makes us angry - but, far more importantly, by explaining what motivates the mischief-makers in our lives, a scarred soul can become whole again. Once a person can demystify the absurd and often juvenile motives of the mischief-maker, one can more easily disengage from the mischief and really lead as an example, as a mature, self-respecting human being. And if there's something the world needs less of, now more than ever, it's anger-causing mischief. We can all use a lot more self-respect, and Joe possesses the tools, practical techniques, and therapeutic technologies to help us achieve just that. Anyone struggling with anger management issued would benefit greatly from his coaching and consulting services. Thank you, Joe and The Anger Clinic of the North Shore.