Joe Mucka: Someone You Should Know

Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Joe Mucka. Joe comes to LPCS (A Church in the Lincoln Park neigborhood of Chicago) as a volunteer speaker, and moderator of a mini seminar on "Anger Safety." His interest in this field began as a troubled young man with no clue as to why he was angry or what he could do to get answers concerning his negative behavior.

It was at that time that Joe began to seek out a mentor who could help him get the answers to all his questions about certain actions that were causing so much pain in his life.

Joe found his mentor, and began to study and practice the new awareness he was gaining. In a short time, he could see the positive effects it was having on his life, as well as the people around him. Joe had found something that not only made him a happier and more exuberant person, but it also made him want to share with others who may have had the same feelings.

By 1998, at the prompting of his mentor and others, Joe took on a full time job teaching "Anger Intellagence" at the Anger Clinic/Institute located in downtown Chicago.(*Written in the mid-2000's. No longer at that location) Joe also generously donates his time and brings his straight forward, "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" message to LPCS on the first Monday of each month.

As Joe learned and now teaches, "mismanaged anger" is not your fault. He also knows and understands that to correct this condition; it takes more than "good intentions."

The guests of LPCS eagerly await the opportunity to attend this class every month. Joe's in-your-face teaching style and straight-forward mannerisms help to keep the class fast-paced and interesting - there is truly never a dull moment. Because he has been there and done that, Joe Mucka is indeed, someone you should know.